Our Story

JailBird is a startup founded in the Creating a Company series at the University of Washington.

It took us a while to land on creating a card game company, but we are so happy that we did. The experience of going through product design and testing, as well as pitching for funding in front of a panel of judges has been amazing, and we’ve all become great friends through this process.

Our goal is to create a game that’s both casual and strategic at the same time, giving you moments of pure enjoyment, while mixing in deception and bluffing. We wanted to make winning this game feel worthwhile, and we think we've created an experience that will have you squawking for more. For those of you who win in our game, you’ll feel extremely satisfied with having survived either the luck of the draw, or having eliminated all your now former friends through several key plays. For those of you who had been sacrificed to the penguin patrol, you’ll come out wanting to try again so you can enact revenge against those who betrayed you.

Meet the Team

Nathan Lee


Emma [Yingying] Deng


Daniel Simic


Tori Teng


Apala Srivastava

VP of Growth

Anushka Raheja

Director of Design